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@DJPGlobalOFC Crazy Beautiful You Block Screening – Prince George Canada April 12, 2015

Crazy Beautiful You is the first Filipino movie ever shown in Prince George Canada. This was made possible by DJP Global, a fan’s club of Daniel Padilla.

This video is the radio interview conducted by CBC News on April 10, 2015 discussing what the movie is about and who Daniel Padilla is in Philippine entertainment. It also highlights the works and goals of the DJP Global which in summary are to promote and support everything Daniel Padilla.

Hope you guys listen.

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Nestor Torre of

It’s apparent that Daniel Padilla made a significant good impression on Nestor Torre on his performance as Kiko in Crazy Beautiful You.

Congrats, DJ. Keep up the good work!

You can read the article here ➡️

Logical, but put-on


In their own recent movie costarrer, “Crazy Beautiful You,” young faves Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo’s performances also had some thespic lessons to impart: Kathryn’s “sharp” and “jaded” characterization may have been “logical” in a theoretical sense, but in practice, it felt too “pushed” and put-on. Worst of all, it made her look old in relation to Daniel—not a good thing for a popular young love team!

Daniel came off better in the film, because his portrayal was less juvenile and frisky than usual, and he even acquitted himself well in a quietly dramatic scene or two.

In addition, he’s gained weight and muscular definition, so it’s likely that he’s preparing himself for more mature and physical roles in action-dramas.

Given the fact that he’s a Padilla, this move could be right up his DNA’s alley! If he plays his career cards right, he could even give local action movies a second lease on life, after being comatose for over a decade!


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