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#Happy21stBDayDanielPadilla We wish you a very meaningful birthday. Being 21 is a milestone. People are wishing nothing but goodness for you. However, on the other hand, they may begin to have more and greater expectations from you, in your career and personal life. But don't let this stress you. We have faith that you will do good and be better because you are loved by your family and friends, and most of all because God loves you. This love you share with us will strengthen you to help you overcome any difficulty life may bring. You are a wise young man now who is loved and who loves deeply and faithfully. We have come to know your heart's aspirations and we are praying that they may all come true. We wish you wisdom and good health; more inspiration and courage; and more reasons to smile. We wish you joy, the joy that we all desire. That's our wish for you. Stay humble. Always remember that humility is not always about being modest and avoiding self praise. It is about thanking the people who helped you get to where you are now and acknowledging God who made all these possible for you. You are doing that already. Just keep it up. Again, happy birthday and we love you.

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