I’m curious if you’re still watching… What do you think about the show so far?


I have now started to watch this drama after being hesitant to watch the parents’ story. Well, it’s not that I hate the acting. But as a normal teenager, I am just vying for KathNiel scenes ahah. As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, I am not a particular fan of KathNiel. But I think that they have this magic in them as I always love the projects that they do. I like all the movies that they starred at, which comes as a great surprise to me since most Filipino movies don’t match my taste.

My recent favorite is “Bridges of Love” but it’s becoming so heavy that I needed a break. I stopped watching the drama last week, hence, I diverted my attention to “Pangako Sa’yo”. My whole family isn’t really interested in this drama, thinking that the original is better. I even always find my sister re-watching the original one…

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