It’s apparent that Daniel Padilla made a significant good impression on Nestor Torre on his performance as Kiko in Crazy Beautiful You.

Congrats, DJ. Keep up the good work!

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Logical, but put-on


In their own recent movie costarrer, “Crazy Beautiful You,” young faves Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo’s performances also had some thespic lessons to impart: Kathryn’s “sharp” and “jaded” characterization may have been “logical” in a theoretical sense, but in practice, it felt too “pushed” and put-on. Worst of all, it made her look old in relation to Daniel—not a good thing for a popular young love team!

Daniel came off better in the film, because his portrayal was less juvenile and frisky than usual, and he even acquitted himself well in a quietly dramatic scene or two.

In addition, he’s gained weight and muscular definition, so it’s likely that he’s preparing himself for more mature and physical roles in action-dramas.

Given the fact that he’s a Padilla, this move could be right up his DNA’s alley! If he plays his career cards right, he could even give local action movies a second lease on life, after being comatose for over a decade!