There are some kinds of love in the universe. This can be love of our God, families, and lovers or maybe just for our friends. But how about love for someone who we never even met before? Well, maybe just fans like me who knows how it feels, because we are the one who was head over heels in love with them.

It all started with a normal girl. One day she will be watching her favorite Sunday teen-oriented show, Growing Up. Suddenly think to herself: “Oh my gosh! Daniel is so cute!” and before she knows it, she is looking up pictures of him in social media. Then she finds herself thinking about him all day and doodling his name and face on almost everything. And that is the birth of a DJster.

DJsters… better known as super fans. We devote ourselves to support Daniel Padilla. Yes, I am one of those bunches of crazy teenage girls that’s overly obsessed with him, as how they always describe us. And I am proud to be one. People sometimes look at us, Daniel’s fans, from the outside and wonder why we spend too much time and money on this person we don’t know personally, but once they step inside our world, they can understand it.

One day they asked me if what Daniel has done for me to admire him that much. I asked them back, “Why not?” He has come so far within these 4-5 years in show business and I’ve loved watching him grow and grow as an artist and as a person. His talents attract me for the first time. Then I realized I love him not only as a singer or celebrity but also as an individual.

The first time you saw him you’ll admire him because of his simplicity. He went to mall shows wearing only a plain white or black shirt and jeans. Who would have done that now? Only a Daniel Padilla. He didn’t bring anything, just himself, his talent, and his urge to make his fans and other people happy. He sings right from the heart that is what makes him and his music stand out and more powerful.

It’s not just his music that inspires other people, it’s also his personality, he’s awesome, and everything about him is just amazing. I love how much he values and loves his fans, his family, his team, his friends, his love team “partner”, Kathryn Bernardo and God. There are a lot of things you would love as him. Every day, it adds more reason to admire him. We thought we knew him that well, but as days passed by, you’ll be surprise to see other things you’d never expected to see. He makes sure that every day is different, amazing and full of surprises. That’s Daniel Padilla for me.

I also love how he changes in some ways but never forget who he was. He has his flaws like everyone else and accepts all of it. He’s an artist and he’s not perfect. It’s not infatuation love, it’s an unconditional.

Being his fan was never easy. On my part as a teenage mother, I have to face many challenges, from friends poking fun at me, to family members disapproving. The whole experience becomes quite difficult. I was judged for being a fan girl. They say I should not be doing it anymore because I had a child already. But I never neglected her and she remains on top of my priorities. Sometimes I was wondering that maybe because of my situation, would I still be able to do the things I want to do and move on? I’ve realized my mistake and I’m trying to give my best for my daughter. I’ll study harder and DJ as my role model, I hope I’d be able to straighten my mistake and be a better person.

I have been watching DJ’s mother, Tita Karla’s previous interviews on YouTube about getting pregnant at a young age, although I got pregnant earlier than her, inspired me a lot. I admire how strong she was that time and look now, despite of those hard times, she still managed to raise her children very well alone, especially DJ. Nobody would question her on that matter. She really was blessed and so I am. The reason I am saying all of these is to inspire other people just like how Daniel inspired me. “Being a fan girl, I’m going to suffer but I’ll be happy about it”, I even joked to myself.

He helped me through my hard times, he made me stronger, he made me feel loved, and he made me feel wanted. He saved me from myself, when my insecurities are eating me up alive, when my thoughts were destroying myself. He helped me to go through everything and stand tall.

DJ has taught me many things, such as to be fearless, to always fight for my dreams no matter what, to always keep my feet on the ground, to never ever give up and to always be myself.

I was there when the alleged audio scandal became viral; DJ had probably faced the toughest controversy of his career so far, but he never failed me that time, he proved to everyone that he can stand up after that tough time, which makes me even more proud of him. Throughout life we all experience things in our lives that shape us and identify who we are. Mistakes are essential part of self-improvement. Another thing DJ has taught me is the true meaning of courage. It is to never be afraid to admit your mistakes, because the moment you take responsibility of it is when the success begins. But we should also be brave to face the consequences of our actions and don’t think of it as a mistake but rather take it as a lesson. So when people keeps on telling me that if only I don’t have a child now, I would be able to do the things I want to do, most especially when it comes to DJ. All I can say to them is, “We are all products of our past, but we don’t have to be prisoners of it. Yes, I lucked out in some aspects and suffer in others and if I knew that I was going to have the same baby and end up in the position that I am now, I would do it all over again.” That is what I learn from DJ, no matter how many times you’ve fallen down so hard and how many rocks and thorns there are on the bumpy road, as long as you have reason to hold on, hold on. And just like DJ, after that tough time in my life, I would stand up for my daughter, for my family, for DJ, for those people who believes in me, and for myself. I would take all of these as a stepping stone for me to become successful.

And now he is going to make another history on his third major solo concert. He is going to make us all proud once again as he conquers the Arena and one of my dreams is to finally see him perform live. I want to hear the screaming crowds. Daniel’s face that were almost completely blocked, as all you can see are bobbing figures in front you because everyone is jumping up and down. Everyone’s screaming at the top of our lungs and singing the lyrics louder than DJ does. No one cares about how out of tune we sound though. All that matters is that the man of our dreams is suddenly in front of us singing the songs that we have been listening since the day we first heard him.


Daniel Padilla is the best through the days I have been fangirling over and I will always love. Even though I will always be just another fan girl in the sea of millions, I shall support him until the end. I’m a DJster and I will be one until my last breath, and no one could make me love him any less. There is a saying, “Once a DJster, always a DJster.”

So, as you can see being a fan girl has its ups and downs, but in the end, I couldn’t be happier than I am one.


Twitter: @perksofmilka THANK YOU!!!