To everyone who joined the contest to win a VIP ticket for Daniel Padilla’s 3rd major concert, I THANK YOU.

I find it impossible to express my gratitude to each and every one of you who spent time and energy to write an essay about DJ, and generously poured out your heart and soul to me. I enjoyed reading them. Yes, I read ALL of them. Each word, each sentence, each paragraph deserved to be read and appreciated because they were labor of love. You wrote it because you love your idol, “tatay”, “kuya”, friend, and to some of you “asawa”, Daniel Padilla.

Unfortunately, I only have one VIP ticket to give away. For the 20+ of you who joined, it is almost an impossibility to choose a winner. I get butterflies in my stomach as I realize that I only have one day left to make up my mind.  I know it’s a cliché to wish to win the lottery so I can give you all free tickets to the concert. But I really do. I really do wish I can grant all your hearts’ desires. It upsets me a lot knowing  that I have to turn most of you away. It feels wrong. I feel like I will be committing an injustice. But it is what it is. I only have one VIP ticket, and that ticket is going to the lucky “one”, and he/ she will find out tomorrow. So good luck to you, and to me. I pray that the Holy Spirit may guide me in choosing the truly deserving fan. Pray for me, too.

Talk to you guys tomorrow.

Sincerely yours,