By Yzabel Calanza

First of all!  “Hi” to the person who is reading this. I’m writing this essay not because I badly want to win the tickets but I just want to let everyone know how big my love for DJ Padilla is.

Daniel Padilla is simply described as the hottest teen star of this generation. Despite of the looks and charisma, what makes me love Dj is his compassion and genuine love for his fans. For the past four years of my journey as a fangirl, I never saw an artist who treats his fans like Dj. Even when he was not that “big” as he is today, the love he has shown for his fans has never changed. Daniel Padilla makes me cry for no reason. He makes me laugh for many reasons. He is my love. That kind of love that makes my heart flutters and goes crazy just by hearing his name.

An essay will never be enough to describe my love for him. Every time I hear his name, I feel happy. Every time I read posts/tweets about his haters/bashers, it makes me go beyond mad. But I chose to ignore those kinds of battles because Dj told me so.

Daniel Padilla is not just an artist with good looks. I believe he is an instrument used by God to reach out to thousands of people, including me. His kindness on and off the camera is genuine and real. He can never fake a smile. He taught me to be real; to have courage in facing and admitting the mistake. He taught me the true meaning of “braveness”. Being brave doesn’t mean you have to act tough and superior all the time. Simply admitting your mistake and taking the blame without saying any words is enough. He is never afraid if thousands of people will turn their back on him just because he is keeping it real. He knows how to live with his mistakes and how to make it a blessing. He taught me to be fearless and to take risks.

His love for his mother, sisters, brothers, friends and relatives is a proof that he is a good man. And you can never put a good man down. No matter how many hate messages he gets, the love that he receives is more than enough. He is not “pa-showbiz” type of guy.

For how many times the world has told me to give him up, he gives me a reason to hold on. I will be forever thankful to him because he became one of the reasons for me to go to school and work hard. His name makes me strive to study better so I can see him and I can tell him how much I love him.

This third concert is the third time I can’t see him. Probably because I have to ride an airplane and I don’t have money to pay. Plus, I’m just a 15 year old teenager. This essay of mine is not begging for you to pick me. I just want to say how much I love him.  This concert will prove his bashers that even though you committed a mistake, you can get up. This concert is a proof that Dj is keeping it real in the showbiz industry.

For my co-fangirls, please, please, DO NOT GIVE UP ON DANIEL PADILLA. He deserves to be loved. He deserves everything, a boy who entered showbiz in a young age to support his family and now, to help other people. He is the kind of man every girl wants to have, a son every parent wants to have and sibling every child wants to have. I’m proud of him. I’m just a fangirl. I maybe just a part of a chapter in his page like the most of us, but he is the chapters of my page. I love you Dj forever.  To the moon and back, I got your back.

This essay was submitted by a fan for the Essay Writing Contest that @DJPGlobalOFC launched to boost the third major concert of Daniel Padilla aka TRES to be held on June 13, 2015 in MOA Arena. The winner will receive a VIP ticket courtesy of @Basaynon26.